Welcome to MaaS-API project

The purpose of the MaaS-API project is to provide an open set of APIs for driving Mobility as a Service ecosystem forward in a community fashion. The project documents the APIs and provides a reference implementation for anyone to use and integrate to.

MaaS Booking Process Engine with the system integration APIs

Interface Documentation

MaaS Transport Service Provider (TSP) APIs are an open source project under the MIT license - anyone can use it as part of their open or closed source solution. We do this in order to kick-start the MaaS ecosystem with the functional API to implement and build upon. The API is being used as key part of the MaaS Global solution so by implementing it, TSP's are well on their way to being part of the rapidly growing MaaS movement, regardless of who operates the end-user service in the area.

Certified Integrators

The MaaS API project is open for having integrators working with TSPs around the world to get certified as MaaS Cetrified Integrator Partners. It's quite simple, really:

Certified TSP implementations

To help with our community goal of establishing interoperable APIs to speed up integrations throughout the world, the MaaS API project will certify also service providers as MaaS Ready. If you would like to get certified, tell us about your company and available API endpoint. We will list MaaS Ready implementations on these project pages.


Oh yes, the MaaS project is also hiring! Check /jobs on the maas.global website.